Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just beachy...

Ahhh....the beach. Beautiful sand, crashing waves, relaxed atmosphere....and quarreling, picking, bickering in-laws.

Not to say that our trip was horrible. It wasn't. We had a really nice time. Paul did surprisingly well on both the plane ride down and the trip in general. He wasn't too keen on the beach, but he did love the pool at the hotel. His sleep wasn't great...but kind of cute.

I think Paul wakes up most nights, plays with some of the toys in his crib, and then goes back to sleep. Well, when he woke up in the hotel, in the pack and play, right next to us in the bed, he thought it was great! He patted us, started saying "Dadeee!" over and over, and threw his pacifiers, and other toys in his crib at us. He ended up staying up about 1 1/2 hrs that night, and woke up the other nights for shorter and shorter periods of time. So, under the circumstances, Paul slept pretty well.

I, on the other hand, did not sleep well the entire trip. I'm not used to sleeping in the same room as Paul, and his noises as he slept and moved around kept me from sleeping well. The bed was actually better than I expected, but still, every morning my back was killing me. And, on top of it all, most mornings, Paul was up before 7 AM.

Paul also started saying "cracker" while we were at the beach. Monday afternoon, I was sitting on the couch, Paul got the Goldfish crackers off the table, brought them to me and said "cwa-kur." I thought at first that I didn't hear him right, but everyone else heard cracker, too. Since then, he's said it on request, and for most food items that he wants. It's awfully cute.

Then there were the the in-laws. Oh, the list of complaints is long...Here's the short list: 1. We ate out almost every meal. 2. They bickered constantly. 3. We were always trying to hurry them up, whether to leave to go eat, or to hurry up and eat because Paul was about to lose it in the highchair. Those were the big complaints...the small ones...Tina couldn't stop squeezing Paul's cheeks, she says the same thing about him over and over ("Ay, que chulo, que chulo. Ay, que chulo! Cositas lindas, cositas lindas!"). That's just annoying.

The worst was the constant quibbling, arguing, about ABSOLUTLY NOTHING! One of them would be telling a story and the other would start disagreeing about some minute detail that didn't matter at all! It made me (and Juan, too) completely crazy!!!

Oh well, we made it, and were sooooo happy to be home. In fact, Paul completely lost it on the way home and had a total melt down. But, once we got home, he just played quietly until bedtime. He seemed to be really happy to be home and in familiar surroundings.

Nice to go, but nicer to come home. We're all glad to be home.

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